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You are the space fleet commander of the Harlem Spacetrotters, and as such, you control the leader ship at the bottom center of the screen. As the game starts, you are riding Space Highway 8 (The Ocho) to your home planet Glork.

Your mortal foe, the evil Dr. Mister Asshat (PhD), doesn't want you to get home, because home is where the heart is, and Dr. Asshat is a heartless asshole. Dr. Asshat has devised a most cunning plan to kill you and your entire fleet. By placing colored walls and obstacles along the entire length of The Ocho, he has rendered it a hellish obstacle course from hell. And while you, the commander of the Harlem Spacetrotters, are busy matching colors and avoiding obstacles, Dr. Asshat is constantly sending enemy ships to shoot down your teammates.

Your enemies, from the planet Rhythmix, must do everything in a rhythmic fashion whenever there is music playing, and to your chagrin there is always music playing on Space Highway 8. This means that both the obstacles and the enemy attacks will happen at the same time, on the beats of the playing music. If you fail an obstacle you will also fail to give your fleet the proper attack commands, resulting in you loosing a teammate. You must get to the end of Space Highway 8 without loosing your entire fleet.

Move left and right with the arrow keys, or the mouse, and jump with the spacebar to dodge oncoming boxes. Press tab to toggle between falling back to the middle or staying where you moved when you release the button.

Change the color of your avatar with "Q", "W" and "E", to red, green and blue, respectively, to match the color of oncoming walls. Watch out, they can be combined to make yellow, purple and teal!

The better you are the more difficult it is.

Music: Klamm - Fusion (http://chipmusic.org/klamm/music/fusion)

Install instructions

Download and run exe-file.


fullGame.rar 43 MB